(Farewell) Friday Faves: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Note: This is probably the last Friday Fave/regular recommendation I’ll be doing for a while. I’m not getting paid to promote this stuff and it takes a lot of time to write up these little raves (they aren’t really reviews, per se). I will still be posting on Fridays, but I’ll be starting a new… series, I guess. Here’s a hint: Friday begins with the same letter as food.

I know not everyone out there is into makeup, but I am. I don’t wear it as often as I’d like to (because sleep>looking cute), but I am obsessed. And Beauty Bakerie is my latest and greatest obsession. With good reason.

First, let me tell you a little something about Beauty Bakerie as a company. They were founded by Cashmere Nicole in 2011. They are a black female-owned business who rewrote the script for budge-proof liquid lipsticks (their Lip Whips are signature). Their products are cruelty-free and many are vegan-friendly. They are also a San Diego-based company (which means when I’m buying from them, I’m buying locally). Plus, all of their products have adorable bakery-themed names (I’m a sucker for kitschy branding like that)! You can read their full story here.


So, I mentioned that their Lip Whips are their signature. This is the ultimate budge-proof liquid lipstick. I’m a compulsive lip-biter; I eat more lipstick than food. I finally gave up on lipsticks altogether (I’m more of an extreme eyeshadow person, anyway, so no lipstick was fine), until I saw a video much like the one I’m posting below:

Tell me that doesn’t spark your interest! These lipsticks do. not. come. off. except with the Lip Whip remover, or other oil-based remover (warning: this does include greasy foods like pizza and burritos… but even then it tries to stay put). If I put on my Lip Whip at 7:00am, by the time I take it off twelve hours later, assuming I haven’t eaten anything greasy, I’d wager about 90% of it is still there. If I have eaten greasy food, I usually still have a decent lip-line happening that just needs to be refilled.

That’s twelve hours of licking my lips, biting my lips, rubbing my mouth with my fingers (I have a bit of an oral fixation, okay). This stuff stays put.

Lip Whips come in a wide range of colors, from subtle nudes, to soft or bright pinks, to classic reds, to deep purples, in matte and metallic finishes (they used to have a black matte, but it’s no longer on their website; I pray they re-release it, because it’s my go-to goth lipstick).

[Note: The liquid creme Lip Whips lack the staying power of the mattes and metallics. Just to warn you if you check them out.]

In addition to the Lip Whips, I’ve also used their Flour setting powder, their So Icy Illuminator highlighter, and their Eyelash Icing mascara. Everything I’ve tried of theirs is amazing! I haven’t had any problems with the mascara, the setting powder (I use the translucent and I don’t wear any foundation or anything; just moisturizer under it) gives me a subtle matte finish. I use the Iced So Icy Illuminator on occasions where I want to be done-up or stand out (it’s a bit glittery for my taste, but it makes a splash).

I swear by this brand and if you wear makeup, I highly recommend you check them out! At the very least, invest in a tube of Lip Whip. You won’t be disappointed!

I love you all.

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