(Flashback) Foodie Friday: Cake Craft

Once upon a time, I was a functional human being with hobbies and interests. One of those interests was cake decorating. I even took the Wilton classes offered through Michael’s about five years ago (I never finished and would like to retake them one of these days).

I’ve been too busy with school this week (I had my first exam on Wednesday) to do any cooking, so I don’t have a recipe or recent pictures to share.

So, instead, I want to share the cake I made for my lesson three final of my Wilton classes! Yay!


I wanted to do something Halloween themed and initially proposed doing a graveyard with a dead tree made of fondant and Rice Krispie’s or modeling chocolate. My teacher suggested doing a Nightmare Before Christmas themed cake instead. It was supposed to have a fondant Jack sitting on top of the hill, but he just didn’t come together.

I’m really proud of this cake, but now that I’m a little more experienced, there are definitely things I’d want to change (like not having Jack…).

Maybe one day I’ll revisit this cake and see about improving it. I’ll be sure to share the results if I do.

I love you all.

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2 thoughts on “(Flashback) Foodie Friday: Cake Craft

  1. OMG I love this! You’re so talented. I tried doing cupcake decorating about5-6 years ago. I made this incredibly decadent fudge truffle filled cupcakes with this amazing rich chocolate butter cream. I went to frost the cupcakes……and (in the immortal words of my daughter)…..it seriously looked like a big clump of dog turds on top. Oh so yummy….but oh so gross…..

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