Where am I?

Greetings weary traveler!

So, maybe you’re wondering what exactly The Cupcake Witch is and why you should care.

Well, The Cupcake Witch is me and you should care because I care about you, damn it. Don’t you love me, too? After everything we’ve been through together?

No, but seriously, The Cupcake Witch is a personal blog about my life. It is first and foremost a diary. While topics may include anything to do with existing, I primarily talk about dealing with my mental illness and living as a witch. Hence the description, “Diary of a Neurotic Broom Rider.”

Damn, I love it when a plan comes together.

The Cupcake Witch currently updates three days a week on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule:

  • Mondays are focused on mental health and general life updates (really, the two go hand-in-hand with me). I primarily focus on depression and anxiety, because those are the two I have the most issues with. It’s also possible I may have BPD, but until I speak to a therapist I don’t know for sure.
  • Wednesdays are focused on witchcraft. Posts range from personal details about my spiritual journey, to spells, to just sharing some of the witchy things in my life.
  • Fridays are for my favorite thing in the world: Food! Typically, I try to post recipes, but if I have a bad week and don’t cook anything, I may post pictures of cake decorating I did in the Before Times, when I still had the time and energy to do that sort of stuff.

As with all things in my life, this blog is usually in a state of flux. It’s a diary about my life as a mentally ill witch; by the very definition, my life is unstable. The schedule, the structure, and even the types of posts I make may change as my life shifts. Such is the human condition.

Or something.

I love making new friends, so I really hope you find something to spark your interest. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few of my favorite posts you might find interesting:

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I love you all.