Foodie Friday: Getting Healthy and Making Changes (Recipe Request)

Honestly, I think at least part of the reason I feel hesitant to continue pursuing Nutrition as my major (aside from all the awful, awful math I have to take) it because I feel like such a raging hypocrite. I have the worst diet, witches. Seriously, awful. And forget exercise (who even has time for … Continue reading Foodie Friday: Getting Healthy and Making Changes (Recipe Request)

(Flashback) Foodie Friday: Cake Craft

Once upon a time, I was a functional human being with hobbies and interests. One of those interests was cake decorating. I even took the Wilton classes offered through Michael's about five years ago (I never finished and would like to retake them one of these days). I've been too busy with school this week … Continue reading (Flashback) Foodie Friday: Cake Craft

Foodie Friday: Cheesy Lasagna with Pork and Beef

Lasagna is one of my favorite dinners, because it's actually relatively easy to make and I almost always have everything on hand. It can be assembled ahead of time and then popped in the oven when you get home from work/school/dancing naked in the woods in heathen ritual... whatever. It's also cheesy and gooey and … Continue reading Foodie Friday: Cheesy Lasagna with Pork and Beef

Foodie Friday: Simple Marinara Sauce

Because trying to write reviews/raves about something every week is time-consuming and difficult (and I'm kind of sick of giving things publicity without getting paid), I've decided to nix the Friday Faves. Maybe I'll do a "monthly faves" kind of thing where I pick two or three things I'm just really into and do that … Continue reading Foodie Friday: Simple Marinara Sauce

Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

[This is half Friday Fave and half a diary post. I ate the best burger last night, so I need to share. But, it's also a kind of personal life story, so...?] So, as you may know, a good portion of Southern California is on fire. I'm not personally near any of the fires (yet--we … Continue reading Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

Sunday Sweets: Mug Cake… from a box?

So, I was planning on making mini cupcakes, but while out shopping my mother and I found this interesting thing from Duncan Hines we'd never seen before. I'm sure by this point everyone has heard of mug cakes; take the ingredients, mix them in a mug, nuke it for a minute--Bam! Instant dessert. It was … Continue reading Sunday Sweets: Mug Cake… from a box?

Sunday Sweets: Mini Chocolate Pie

So, while my mom and I were at Target the other day, I saw these little mini graham cracker pie crusts and thought, "Yes. Tiny personal pie. How could that possibly be a bad idea?" This was the best worst idea I've ever had. These are literally just cold prep Jello chocolate pudding poured into … Continue reading Sunday Sweets: Mini Chocolate Pie

White People and Cheese

A friend of mine got me started on a thing over on Facebook and now I'm bringing it here because I can. For those of you not in the know, I love food and I love science, so I frickin' love food science. I'm not good at making nutritionally sound choices (yet!), but I love nutrition. So, … Continue reading White People and Cheese

Sundays are for Donuts

When I was a little kid--way back in the day when kids still went trick-or-treating and my dad still pretended he loved my mom and I had a semi-functional family--we used to have a tradition. Kind of. I always thought of it as a tradition, at least, in my little seven-year-old way. My dad worked … Continue reading Sundays are for Donuts