Witchy Book Review: The Path of a Christian Witch by Adelina St. Clair

This post contains affiliate links. Please click here to read my disclosure policy. So, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been attending church, recently. While I didn’t think I’d actively dislike it, I will admit that I was surprised to find that I actually enjoy it, enough that I’ve gone weekly for the last five weeks. I … Continue reading Witchy Book Review: The Path of a Christian Witch by Adelina St. Clair

(Farewell) Friday Faves: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Note: This is probably the last Friday Fave/regular recommendation I'll be doing for a while. I'm not getting paid to promote this stuff and it takes a lot of time to write up these little raves (they aren't really reviews, per se). I will still be posting on Fridays, but I'll be starting a new... … Continue reading (Farewell) Friday Faves: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Friday Faves: Follow Friday (aka Blogroll)

[OMG what is it with me forgetting to queue up my Friday Faves??? Is it because it's a weekend? Do I just cease to function after noon on Thursday? Because with school starting next week, that's gonna be a problem for me! Anyway, sorry I'm late! Here's a post!] I love my little blogging family. … Continue reading Friday Faves: Follow Friday (aka Blogroll)

Friday Faves: Bombasine Moonbeam Lunar Planner

Potential Triggers for this Post: Brief talk of menstruation Speaking of the moon phases... I'm a bit of a planner junkie. I compulsively buy planners I never use for various reasons (ranging from "I will totally get my shit together" to "Oh, pretty shiny!"). Like my stacks of empty notebooks, I've come to almost collect … Continue reading Friday Faves: Bombasine Moonbeam Lunar Planner

Friday Faves: The Pacific (2010)

I'm not what someone would call a "war buff." My thoughts on war run along the lines of what someone might call a "bleeding heart hippie liberal." In general, I don't think there is a way to portray war (fictionally) that doesn't in some way glamorize it, even when the media in question is focused … Continue reading Friday Faves: The Pacific (2010)

Friday Faves (or not): Star Wars: The Last Jedi

So, I’ve seen The Last Jedi three times since it came out two weeks ago. After sitting with it for this time, I decided I would like to share my thoughts on the latest installment of what is possibly my favorite movie series/franchise. BEWARE: SERIOUS, SERIOUS SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T … Continue reading Friday Faves (or not): Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

[This is half Friday Fave and half a diary post. I ate the best burger last night, so I need to share. But, it's also a kind of personal life story, so...?] So, as you may know, a good portion of Southern California is on fire. I'm not personally near any of the fires (yet--we … Continue reading Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

Friday Faves: Makeup!

It seems a little odd that I would make a post about my favorite makeup brands, because I almost never wear makeup anymore. But, when I do, these are the brands I go to, hands-down. I'm not a makeup person, but I am addicted to these items! *Note: None of these are affiliate links. I'm … Continue reading Friday Faves: Makeup!

Friday Faves: Movies and TV Shows

So, for last week's Friday Fave, I focused on reading. But, maybe you don't have the time or mental energy to make the words go into your brain meats. I get it. Trust me, I get it. Sometimes, I just like to veg out and stare mindlessly at flashing lights in a box, watching the … Continue reading Friday Faves: Movies and TV Shows