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I’ve mentioned IML several times over the past few months, but for the uninitiated, International Mr. Leather is an annual competition that takes place in Chicago during Memorial Day weekend. There are around 60 contestants every year, and at IML 40, I will be one of them.

I qualified for the contest about a year and a half ago (when I won the title of Mr. Firedancer Dallas 2016-2017, which is worth a story of its own one of these days), and at the time, I was like, “Nifty! I’ma go to IML at some unspecified point in the distant future. That’ll be a hoot.” However, now that the event is 11 weeks away, I’m like, “OMG OMG WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!” But hey, at least I don’t suffer from any kind of acute mental illness to make the situation even more terrifying, amirite?

[insert visual flashback effect…

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Excuse me while I scream incoherently into the void

My classes this semester are making me completely rethink my entire educational plan. This is not actually a bad thing. School is stressful. This semester in particular has just been a nightmare unlike anything I have experienced before (I literally cannot miss one more day or either class without being dropped; it's not even half-way … Continue reading Excuse me while I scream incoherently into the void

Hot Coffee, Breakfast Burritos And A Little Compassion

An important reminder to be grateful for what we have and to extend our love and compassion to those who need it. ❤

Hestia's Servant


Sometimes things don’t work out quite the way you would like.

As you know, I’ve had a lot of issues with work lately, and, for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been spending in inordinate amount of time and money trying to figure out what is wrong with one of my wee dogs.  My finances are fairly depleted, but, even though I’m short of money, I am still better off than many.

Today is cold and rainy and I really didn’t want to leave the house.  However, I had an early morning doctor’s appointment a few towns over and, since I had some time, I figured I might as well get a few errands done while I was out and about.  As I was pulling into the Empire of Walmart (I know…don’t judge me), on the corner stood a gentleman with a tarp and a sign…

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Short and Sweet Mental Health Update

Last week was pretty good to me, in terms of my depression and anxiety not being total a-holes. Part of that, I think, is that school has kept me busy. I haven't really had time to dwell on the negative stuff. So, that's good! Yay! Except for one notable exception on Friday and Saturday. My … Continue reading Short and Sweet Mental Health Update

(Farewell) Friday Faves: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Note: This is probably the last Friday Fave/regular recommendation I'll be doing for a while. I'm not getting paid to promote this stuff and it takes a lot of time to write up these little raves (they aren't really reviews, per se). I will still be posting on Fridays, but I'll be starting a new... … Continue reading (Farewell) Friday Faves: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Super Subscriber Giveaway!

The wonderful Hesita’s Servant is hosting a giveaway for her followers through January 15th. She’s a kind, compassionate Hearthkeeper and runs a lovely witch/Pagan themed blog. Check her out, give her a follow… if you comment frequently enough you might win some awesome goodies, too!

Hestia's Servant

early spring

Happy 2018!  This year will be better than the last!

I’m gearing up for Early Spring and starting to make my plans for a  3-day celebration.  We’ll be doing a thorough cleaning, cleansing and blessing of the house; making our jar candles for the coming year; and, as I always do:  cook up a storm!  In the next couple weeks I’ll be posting my Early Spring ritual and the types of things I do during this time period as I approach 2 February.

Hmmmmmm. It didn’t occur to me until just now that our Early Spring occurs on Groundhog Day. I’m going to have to dig into that little more. I really hadn’t made the correlation.


This reclusive HearthKeeper has kinda like dipping her toes back in the Pagan Pool and I’d like to give back a bit.  Are you ready for some fun?

I’d like to show some…

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Blessed Solstice!

Being a witch surrounded by Christmas-celebrating folks is a chore. Christmas is stressful and unpleasant. But, I want to take a moment away from the chaos to wish all of you a blessed winter solstice. I wish you all warmth, love, and comfort through the winter and into the new year. I love you all.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out What It Means to Everyone

Et Cetera, etc.

“Hello, Marvin,” I said, as I stepped to the front of the line at the polling place.

“Hello,” he said, looking puzzled. “Let’s see if I can remember your name.” He thought a minute.

“Janet,” I said. No light went on in his eyes. “Coburn,” I added.

“I know I must have seen you around somewhere.”

“Actually, no. I just read your name off your name tag and wanted to be friendly.”

“I forgot I was even wearing it,” he said.

* * *

My husband was working in the electronics department of the store. He saw a customer looking at the merchandise. She was apparently transexual, or in transition, or perhaps a transvestite.

“Hello,” Dan said, with a friendly expression on his face. “Is there something I can help you with?”

The woman seemed taken aback.

* * *

Dan also sees many customers from Arabic-speaking countries. He greets them…

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