To Drop, or Not To Drop… That is the Question

I almost dropped my biology class last Monday. I still might, I don't know. Allow me to explain. This semester, I'm taking a biology lecture with a lab, because it's required. I knew from the first week that my teacher just... wasn't my cup of tea, let's say. Her lecture style and my learning style … Continue reading To Drop, or Not To Drop… That is the Question

Just stupid little depression things.

Contrary to popular belief, I am trying very hard to be optimistic. In general, I've been doing okay. My sleep schedule is semi-on-track, which is good. I'm excited to start school next week (okay, "excited" is a strong word; I'm ready to start school next week and get one semester closer to a damn degree). … Continue reading Just stupid little depression things.

It’s like Russian Roulette, but without the sweet relief of death.

(Is that title too morbid? It's, like, one in the morning as I write this, and I don't always make the best decisions at one in the morning.) Here's the million dollar question: Is this my rational mind talking, or the depression and/or anxiety? I've been preoccupied with my future, lately (always). I've been thinking … Continue reading It’s like Russian Roulette, but without the sweet relief of death.

Mental Health Update

Happy New Year! Again. It's the start of a new year, and it's Monday, and even though I have non-resolutions instead of resolutions, one of my overall goals is to update this blog on a more concise schedule. Something like Blog-tober, but not daily because I still need time to study and not panic about … Continue reading Mental Health Update

Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

[This is half Friday Fave and half a diary post. I ate the best burger last night, so I need to share. But, it's also a kind of personal life story, so...?] So, as you may know, a good portion of Southern California is on fire. I'm not personally near any of the fires (yet--we … Continue reading Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

College Witchery: Home Stretch

I only have three more school days (today and next week) until I'm free. I'm feeling both dread and relief over this. Have I mentioned how much I hate group projects? Because I do. I really, really do. So far, I'm the only person who's worked on our magazine project since we left class on … Continue reading College Witchery: Home Stretch

Diary: The Take Over, The Break’s Over

Fall Out Boy lyrics. My teen angst is showing. In less than an hour, I leave the warm comfort of my bedroom to go back to classes. I'm not super looking forward to it, considering that I spent the majority of my Thanksgiving break working on an essay for my English class (which is garbage, … Continue reading Diary: The Take Over, The Break’s Over

Happy Thanksgiving

Isn't it convenient that Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, and I occasionally post in a category called Thankful Thursday? It wasn't even planned. Like most Americans, I'm spending the day watching TV and gorging on turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy (and rolls and deviled eggs, which are the unsung heroes of Thanksgiving). Like a … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Diary: Let the Break Begin!

I don't really have much to say, but I just want to pop in to let everyone know that I'm still alive. Yesterday was my last day of classes before having a week off for Thanksgiving break. I'm sooooo excited to have a week off school, you have no idea. I'm exhausted (especially with that … Continue reading Diary: Let the Break Begin!