(Farewell) Friday Faves: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Note: This is probably the last Friday Fave/regular recommendation I'll be doing for a while. I'm not getting paid to promote this stuff and it takes a lot of time to write up these little raves (they aren't really reviews, per se). I will still be posting on Fridays, but I'll be starting a new... … Continue reading (Farewell) Friday Faves: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Diary: I will never be a fashion blogger

Alternately Titled: Sorry, eighteen-year-old me. "Why is it that being a 'female blogger' means 90% of posts are fashion or makeup related?" That was the thought that ran through my head this morning as I scrolled through Twitter, looking at @FemaleBloggerRT and searching for new blogs to follow. My second thought almost immediately was, "I … Continue reading Diary: I will never be a fashion blogger

Friday Faves: Makeup!

It seems a little odd that I would make a post about my favorite makeup brands, because I almost never wear makeup anymore. But, when I do, these are the brands I go to, hands-down. I'm not a makeup person, but I am addicted to these items! *Note: None of these are affiliate links. I'm … Continue reading Friday Faves: Makeup!

Monday Musings: Nonsense Ahead. Be Warned.

Stream-of-consciousness rambling behind the link. I've been thinking a lot about relationships and moving on and things of that nature. Why is it that two people can have perfectly (or at least averagely) healthy relationships with other people, then they get together and their relationship is completely toxic, and then they move on to have … Continue reading Monday Musings: Nonsense Ahead. Be Warned.