Mercury Retrograde and Social Depression

I’m chalking the negative feelings I’m having towards some friends up to Mercury Retrograde and the fuckery it’s conducting with communication. I don’t usually “feel” Mercury Retrograde, because communication and decision making is always a nightmare for me (thanks, anxiety), but I’m feeling this one, I think. I’m just really sick of some of the … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde and Social Depression

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

If missing my biology class didn't count as two absences today (the lecture and the lab), I wouldn't be leaving the apartment at all. As it stands, I intend to skip the lab. I just don't feel up to it, today (and not just because I think I'm coming down with a cold). I wish … Continue reading Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Making Friends (and other less exciting stuff)

I'm really glad I started attending church. I've met so many nice people--everyone is always coming up and introducing themselves to me. I've even made a new friend! A lovely girl I'll be referring to as "Alex" on this blog (remember, I don't use people's real names). Alex invited me to a "Galentine's Day" party … Continue reading Making Friends (and other less exciting stuff)

Monday Musings: How Does Friend?

On Thursday, I decided I needed to take some drastic measures in regards to an area of my life I have always struggled with. After class, I asked if my communications teacher had a few spare moments after class to talk. I followed him to his office and there I asked for assistance in this … Continue reading Monday Musings: How Does Friend?

College Witchery: Week Three!

It's almost one in the morning, but I napped (crashed, hard) when I got home from school around 6pm today, so I'm pretty damn awake at the moment. That's unfortunate because there's not a whole lot to be done this late at night that won't disturb my mother or downstairs neighbor. 3/16 Weeks of the … Continue reading College Witchery: Week Three!

College Witchery: Yesterday was a Good Day

I'm better at social interaction than I would have guessed. As I mentioned previously, both of my classes are heavy on discussions, speaking, and interaction. This gives me more than a little bit of anxiety (I have chronic social anxiety, for those unaware). But, you probably wouldn't have guessed yesterday. I talked in class. I asked questions … Continue reading College Witchery: Yesterday was a Good Day

Diary: Yesterday I Started School and Broke a Therapist

So, yesterday was my first day of on campus classes. Apparently, this is the semester of social interaction. The two classes I'm taking this semester are English (Critical Thinking & Intermediate Composition) and Communications (Interpersonal Communication). Now, of course, I expected there would be some social interaction in the communications course. I mean, it's communications. Communicating … Continue reading Diary: Yesterday I Started School and Broke a Therapist