Witchy Wonders: Encinitas Meditation Gardens

This post contains affiliate links. Please click here to read my disclosure policy. (I really, really hope the pictures are showing up. I have been having crazy problems with pictures for this post.) Okay, so, meditation isn’t exactly “witchy” in its own right, but there is a lot of crossover between “new age” folks and … Continue reading Witchy Wonders: Encinitas Meditation Gardens

Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

[This is half Friday Fave and half a diary post. I ate the best burger last night, so I need to share. But, it's also a kind of personal life story, so...?] So, as you may know, a good portion of Southern California is on fire. I'm not personally near any of the fires (yet--we … Continue reading Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

Surviving Winter: Southern California Edition

It's December and everyone is posting their tips for surviving winter. That's cute and all, and they're really interesting reads (really; I love me some Crock Pot dinners, so shower me in your stew and soup recipes), but I live in Southern California, so 90% of it doesn't apply to me. Down jackets? Heated blankets? … Continue reading Surviving Winter: Southern California Edition