To Drop, or Not To Drop… That is the Question

I almost dropped my biology class last Monday. I still might, I don't know. Allow me to explain. This semester, I'm taking a biology lecture with a lab, because it's required. I knew from the first week that my teacher just... wasn't my cup of tea, let's say. Her lecture style and my learning style … Continue reading To Drop, or Not To Drop… That is the Question

Google Maps Can Rot in Hell

I'm trying really hard not to let stress get me down. With school, that can be tough, because my biology class is so labor intensive. I hardly have time to breathe, let alone do anything else. Spring Break is coming up, though. Just three more weeks of classes and then one glorious week off. I'm … Continue reading Google Maps Can Rot in Hell

Mental Health Update

Sorry, witches. This one's kind of gloomy. Heed the content warning. Emotions behind the cut. I'm in such a scarybad place, right now. I don't know what's up with me, but I have zero motivation to do anything. Including bathe. I've been sleeping/napping a lot. I'm not really sure what I'm doing or where I'm going, … Continue reading Mental Health Update

Diary: The Take Over, The Break’s Over

Fall Out Boy lyrics. My teen angst is showing. In less than an hour, I leave the warm comfort of my bedroom to go back to classes. I'm not super looking forward to it, considering that I spent the majority of my Thanksgiving break working on an essay for my English class (which is garbage, … Continue reading Diary: The Take Over, The Break’s Over