Mercury Retrograde and Social Depression

I’m chalking the negative feelings I’m having towards some friends up to Mercury Retrograde and the fuckery it’s conducting with communication. I don’t usually “feel” Mercury Retrograde, because communication and decision making is always a nightmare for me (thanks, anxiety), but I’m feeling this one, I think. I’m just really sick of some of the … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde and Social Depression

Happy Thanksgiving

Isn't it convenient that Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, and I occasionally post in a category called Thankful Thursday? It wasn't even planned. Like most Americans, I'm spending the day watching TV and gorging on turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy (and rolls and deviled eggs, which are the unsung heroes of Thanksgiving). Like a … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful Thursday: Support Network

Something has changed with my unemployment compensation. I used to certify for my benefits once every two weeks, but this week I got a notice to certify even though it has only been one week. I'm incredibly paranoid that my unemployment has run out and that was my last week of receiving benefits (even though … Continue reading Thankful Thursday: Support Network